What is Theosophy ?

The term “Theosophy” comes from the Greek theosophia, which is composed of two words: theos (“god,” “gods,” or “divine”) and sophia (“wisdom”). Theosophia, therefore, may be translated as the “wisdom of the gods,” “wisdom in things divine,” or “divine wisdom.”

Theosophy is the body of teachings that form the basis of every religion and to which not one religion can claim for its own. Theosophy offers a philosophy that helps to understand life and that shows the evolution as being guided by justice and love. She considers death as an always recurring event that opens the gate towards an every increasing and brighter existence in a life that has no ending. Theosophy renders the Science of Spirit back to the world by teaching man to consider his Spirit as his true self with the mind and the body as its servants. Theosophy clarifies the scriptures and teachings of the religions by disclosing their hidden meaning, thus demonstrating their correctness to the mind in the same way that their foundation is ever proven in the eyes of intuition.

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